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April 09, 2020

VTO Archiving, Sharing and more

UX/UI Updates, Updates: V/TO

The V/TO™ has been upgraded! You can now archive versions of your VTO for each team, plus share the leadership VTO with all teams. The Quarterly Export button is temporarily removed, and will be back the week of 4/13/20. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience! Please message our team via the live chat if you need a copy of this information now. 


Archiving the V/TO

To archive a version of the V/TO, this is specific to the team you are on. Click on the Archive button in the orange bar, the click "Archive a copy of this VTO".


This will not remove any of the current information, but save a copy for you to access later.

To view past versions of the V/TO, click on the archive button again, and select a date.

Sharing the V/TO

To share the Leadership V/TO with all teams, use the toggle visible only on the Leadership Team that says "Share V/TO with all teams".

Turning this on will show a "View Leadership V/TO" on all other teams in the account.


When the other teams select "View Leadership V/TO" they will see all sections of the Leadership VTO, signified by the "Leadership" token where the edit button should be, and this is including Leadership Company Rocks and Public Issues.

Public Issues

Long Term Issues on the Leadership team now have a "Public" toggle. Toggling an issue to be public allows it to be shared on the V/TO with other teams. By default, issues will not be public, therefore not shared with all teams unless activated.


Rich Text Editor: Multiple Target Markets

Many sections on the V/TO also now have the standard rich text editor. Use this function to easily convey information, like multiple target markets, and colors. Attach documents in the Marketing Strategy section, and have text wrapping on Core Values and Uniques!


3 Year and 1 Year Goals

Goals now have the added function of more details and marking them as done. Open a goal just like a to-do, Rock or issue, and add details. Use the more actions button to turn it into a Rock, todo or issue, and mark it as done when complete!



Let us know what you think! This is just the start. More functionality around connecting scorecard data/goals and printing coming later this year.

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