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Our Blog: Helping Leaders Focus

EOS® Software to Boost Team Recognition

Accountability, Awareness

Recognition is a powerful source of engagement; often believed to have greater impacts than compensation or bonuses.

“Human beings are hard-wired to crave recognition.
When we know that others are seeing us in a positive light, our brains release a few[..]
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EOS® Tools for Hiring - Digitized

Hiring can feel like somewhat of a gamble. You hire someone based on what you see and hear, but you never really know how things are going to play out until they’re in the role, and it’s too late. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce some of that[..]

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Clarity Breaks Improve Focus; Ninety EOS Software Can Help


Finding time to step away from a growing issues list, or to-do’s that seem to keep piling up can be tough for any entrepreneur at any stage in the game. It’s easy to get lost IN the business and forget the importance of taking a break to work ON the[..]

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