Rocks: Increasing Efficiency with Milestones

Accountability, Awareness

Due in 90 days, Rocks are big-impact items that drive the business forward. When properly defined, each member of the team takes their Rocks and has a clear path for the next 90 days. When there is ambiguity or confusion, team members will struggle to[..]

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Small Wins, Big Impacts


It’s an unfortunate truth that we’re more likely to call out the things that go wrong, than celebrate the things that go right. But, the reality is, small wins are building blocks to big impacts and should be recognized and acknowledged as such.

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Digital EOS® Tools For The People Component

Alignment, Awareness

Subjectivity can be a concern when dealing with people, so as much as we can keep things objective and data-driven, the better. Numbers cut through that murky, subjective communication between manager and direct reports and create accountability while[..]

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