Don’t Just Dream it, Get it on Your V/TO™

Accountability, Alignment

One of the most powerful tools in the EOS Toolbox™ is the Vision / Traction Organizer™(V/TO). One place, two pages, to capture your vision and dreams for the company and how you will execute on it.

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Tips to Manage The Visionary / Integrator Relationship

Alignment, Awareness

Equally important, equally engaged and equally necessary to driving your business forward, the Visionary/Integrator pair requires a special relationship. Being on the same page and sharing the same vision is the very foundation of their relationship,[..]

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Limit your Rocks, Increase your Growth


Quarterly Pulsing™ sessions with your Leadership Team are critical checkpoints throughout the year that establish a 90-Day World™ of accountability. The sessions can be tense, but productive, and help you focus on what is really going to drive your[..]

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