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August 15, 2020

90 Default Quarterly Measurables

Ninety is providing your Leadership team measurables that your team can use to track progress towards gaining Traction.

These measurables will be automatically added to your Quarterly Data page on the Leadership team only. They are able to be added to other teams, as they work the same as all measurables! They can be removed or deleted, and if you decide you do not want them, the 90 Client Success Team is happy to remove them for you!

Measurable Title Goal Unit
Revenue TBD Currency
Gross Profit TBD Currency
SG&A TBD Currency
Net Profit TBD Currency
% of Regrettable Turnover TBD Percentage
Cash TBD Currency
Net Working Capital TBD Currency
Debt TBD Currency
Equity TBD Currency
# of Employees TBD Number
Org Checkup - Vision TBD Percentage
Org Checkup - People TBD Percentage
Org Checkup - Data TBD Percentage
Org Checkup - Issues TBD Percentage
Org Checkup - Process TBD Percentage
Org Checkup - Traction TBD Percentage


The bigger idea here is you can use these items as a way to track the goal vs. actual, while seeing how they incorporate into your bigger picture vision. How can they get pulled into the vision? You will be able to use in the measurables on the V/TO, Dashboard (a ToolsHub product) and other areas of 90 to measure success.

What's planned next for measurables? 

  • Connect a measurable directly to the V/TO Revenue and Profit fields for better goal vs. actual tracking
  • Role a measurable up into the Annual Scorecard for year over year tracking
  • Goal variation per quarter
  • Upload goals into the future to allow for forecasting and avoiding quarter to quarter manual adjustments.