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Ninety Product Updates

Archive Searching & Rock Reassigning

Updates: Rocks, UX/UI Updates

The team released an update that covers a variety of areas to help improve the overall usability across Rocks, To-dos, Issues and general login.

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Error Handling: More info to help you!

UX/UI Updates

Our goal is to provide you with the best user experience, and while we do not expect you to utilize this newest addition, it is here to help when needed, even if that is rarely! Now, when you experience an error in the software, Ninety will[..]

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Currently Only Beta: New Annual Subscription and Invoice History

Updates: Settings


What to Expect:

  • Current Subscriptions will end, and a new one will begin, this will show up like "trial ending" or asking you to add payment info.
  • 3 additional features below
  • No action required on your end to[..]
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Speed Updates to All Pages

UX/UI Updates

Connection Optimizations

The team implemented Connection Optimizations last week to improve the average load times for users by a considerable margin (see graph). The chart shows the average time of pages loads in milliseconds with the drop occurring[..]

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Optional: Milestones becoming To-do's

Updates: To-Do's, Updates: Issues, UX/UI Updates

Milestones automatically become to-do's 7 days before they are due, if the milestone is not marked as completed. Now, you can turn off this function, so that this does not automatically happen.

Visit Settings > Configuration and if "Show Milestones on[..]

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