Meeting Recap Email

Updates: Meetings

Email all of your team members (both attended and not) a Meeting Recap when you conclude your Level 10 Meetingsā„¢! This meeting recap email includes:

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Attach Documents to Feedback Conversations

Updates: Feedback

Now, when you create a Quarterly Conversation or Annual Review you are able to add attachments to the specific conversation. Feel free to use this for a recorded video, additional questions, customized review items, notes or anything else you need! 

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New Tool: Feedback


Feedback is Ninety's newest way to help you keep track of Quarterly Conversations and Annual Reviews, and it is now available! 

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New Tool: Process


Process Documentation is now available within Ninety! 

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Pricing Update!

Updates: Settings

You read it right. We are making Ninety more accessible for teams of every size. Our pay per user model will stay the same, but we have decreased the initial tier size, and decreased the price of the second two tiers. The new cost per month will be:

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