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Ninety Product Updates

Managers & Managees Assigning Content to Other Teams

Updates: To-Do's, Updates: Issues, UX/UI Updates

Managers and Managees (user roles) cannot see content for teams they are not on, but sometimes these users may be running a meeting and need to assign content to those teams.

Now they can!

Managers and Managees will see "Other Teams" when they select[..]

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Personal To-do's

Updates: To-Do's, UX/UI Updates

A personal to-do allows you to create to-do's private from any of your team members. They appear on your My Focus page, and are excluded from any team lists - meaning it will not show up on the to-do's page in the left navigation.

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Drag and Drop on Mobile Scorecard

UX/UI Updates, Updates: Scorecard & Measurables

While using a touch screen device, like a Microsoft Surface or a phone, you can now drag and drop your scorecard metrics to rearrange them. 

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Annual Review Custom Questions

Updates: Feedback

Within Feedback, in an Annual Review, your company can now create custom questions to populate in each Annual Review. These can also be changed / customized within each individual conversation as well!

To edit all newly created reviews in the company,[..]

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My Measurables & Milestones on My Focus

Updates: Rocks, UX/UI Updates, Updates: Scorecard & Measurables

My Focus, the page dedicated to all things assigned to you is expanding. Find all measurables owned by you, and all of your Milestones directly below Rocks and To-do's.

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