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Software for the Six Key Components™ of Your Business

Published: November 05, 2020

Accountability, Alignment, Awareness, Tools

Ninety.io is an ever-evolving platform.

We’re proud of our commitment to providing you with outstanding EOS® solutions covering all of the Six Key Components. We know you have many choices -- lots of products can help you manage your business. But Ninety.io centers on supporting the essential EOS Foundational Tools™ you need to maintain Traction®. 


Here is a list of things you might appreciate about Ninety.io:  

  • Clean look and feel -  Built for this century and designed with the EOS user in mind, Ninety.io has a clean, modern interface that helps make navigation simple and straightforward.
  • Ease of use - Created to be intuitive to the user, your teams can easily understand and master the flow of the platform.
  • Client support - Unlimited free training sessions, scheduled as one-on-one or group Zoom calls with a member of our Client Success team.  6keycomponents-ninety
  • In-app chat staffed by real people - Get any questions answered immediately , even on Saturday. 
  • The EOS Pulse™ - We contribute to the dedicated EOS space for companies to collaborate, share insights, and ask questions.
  • Tracking - Get your monthly, quarterly and annual measurables managed
  • Track accountability - Connect measurables to Accountability Chart™ seats
  • Accountability Chart - Multiple people on Accountability Chart seats
  • Visual dashboards - Integration to dashboard reporting (currently in beta)
  • Conduct all EOS meeting types - Quarterly, annual, Focus Day™, Vision Building™ days and more
  • Assign Milestones to others - Collaborate and manage better, assigning items to other people 
  • Quickly access archived content - We make it easy to look back and see what’s already been done.
  • Process documentation tools - Stay informed and on top of things with Ninety software.

Questions about any of the specifics? Join one of our Webinars or schedule on a one-on-one call with our Client Success Team.