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Rocks: SMART & Connected

Published: November 10, 2017

Accountability, Tools

How many times has your team set quarterly objectives, only to forget who was assigned what, and what exactly the team meant by a specific project?

Well, say goodbye to blocked expectations.

Ninety allows you to easily add Rocks into an all-in-one cloud-based platform so everyone can see exactly who is accountable for what.

Through Ninety, assign Rocks to specific people, and designate whether it is a company or an individual Rock. The system is completely connected, so company Rocks automatically show up on the V/TO.


Make them SMART

Make your Rocks SMART use the description area, to add details and Milestones to stay on track.


Update the Status

When your Rock does move from on-track to off-track or complete, update the status so your team knows your real-time progress. Use the comments fields below to describe what specific things occured to make this status change occur, or what you/the team are currently doing.

status and comment on rock.gif

Used this way, the comments section can become a record of your Rocks progression throughout the quarter. Anyone can comment on a Rock! So have the team pose questions, tasks, or updates there!


With Rock tracking in Ninety, your team will easily hit that 80% (or better!) completion rate!

Sign up for Ninety to enter your team's Rocks today!