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Quarterly Conversations™ to Discover People Fit

Published: June 26, 2020


As a leader or manager, people issues will come up all the time and we have to be ready to address them. Whether you’re hiring, doing your due diligence to make the best decision based on facts, like reviewing their resume and references against your Core Values, or dealing with someone that has been with the organization for many years and their passions have changed, or they’ve outgrown the role they’re in, Sue Hawkes’ statement rings true: 

“Not All Your Employees Will Grow Where They’re Planted”. 

To have a strong company culture, your people should thrive in their roles. The best way to manage this is by holding regular Quarterly Conversations so the employee has a chance to share and receive feedback.

Sue’s blog continues:

When you have an employee in your organization who is negatively impacting your company, it can be hard to face the reality they may need to leave. Even if they’re in the right “seat,” they won’t be successful if they aren’t also an environmental (or cultural) fit. Your company’s Core Values define this environment in detail, and you must be willing to hire, fire, review, reward, and recognize your employees based on those values.

The Quarterly Conversation draws a direct comparison between the employee and the company Core Values as well as a review of their GWC™ so they can clearly define how they feel about wanting and thriving in their role. 

Ninety’s Feedback App provides a simple form for both the Manager and Mangee to to prepare for the Quarterly Conversations and Annual Reviews, pulling in the V/TO™ Core Values, the roles and responsibilities for the seat you’re reviewing, the Rocks for the quarter and a place to document it all. 

The Quarterly Conversation is a powerful tool designed to illuminate people fit. Like Sue shares, “If a person isn’t a fit, you’re hurting both the employee and the culture by keeping them around.”

Leverage Ninety’s Feedback app to make informed decisions that have your people's passions and best interests in mind, knowing that sometimes those decisions will be hard to make. 

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