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Issues: Everyone Needs Them & How EOS Software Can Help

Published: July 09, 2019


Some weeks your Level 10 Meetings™ are stronger than others, but what would your team do if you showed up and the issues list was blank? No issues? Maybe it’s time to take a deeper dive into how you run your meetings and keep your team engaged and see how Ninety EOS software can help. 

Certified EOS Implementer™, Sue Hawkes shares her insight:

“The best teams and the best companies in the world thrive because of healthy conflict. This type of conflict is not mean-spirited and doesn’t involve personal attacks. It is the type of conflict that is founded in passionate debates about finding the “right” answer or strong conversations in search of the truth. Healthy conflict is aimed at ideas, opportunities, points of friction, and making team processes or business better.”

Just as the Visionary/Integrator pairs need to push and pull each other to their greatest potential, healthy conflict can yield opportunity and fresh perspective amongst your team. Sue goes on to share 15 questions that your team can use to uncover issues and engage in a healthy debate.

Mastering the Level 10 Meeting may always be a ‘work in progress’ as you work through issues and re-engaging your teams. Ninety’s Level 10 Meeting app captures all your historical data, including your meeting rating by attendee allowing you to follow the progression of your meetings over time.

Review Sue’s questions and hit that CREATE button in Ninety. Generate some thought-provoking and engaging issues for your next Level 10 Meeting.