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Healthy Conflict, Healthy Progress

Published: July 11, 2019


In just about all relationships, healthy conflict is productive and progressive. It allows you to work through issues in a constructive way and reach a collective agreement or understanding, often times better or greater than one could reach on their own. The collaborative nature of conflict opens the floor for healthy debate and open dialogue, and while some shy away from it, it should be embraced in the workplace.

Like Certified EOS Implementer™ Don Tinney shares in his recent blog:

“Your team will never become its best without conflict. The BEST answer to almost every issue you face will be a composite of the creativity and knowledge of the various players on your team. If you aren’t contributing anything to those best answers by opening your mouth and sharing your insights – as risky as that might feel – you are doing your team a great disservice.”

Don goes on to share his 5 suggestions for healthier conflict in the workplace that can help your team work through the risk and discomfort they may currently experience.

Ninety’s Issues List is completely transparent and visible to all members on the team, allowing you to load in your issues and review others’ before your Level 10 Meeting™. Your comments section can be used to ask questions or add details that will assist in working through the issue during the IDS™ section of the meeting.

Don’t shy away from conflict (embrace it!) and let Ninety EOS software help you manage it all.