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A Simple Way to Determine Right Seat: GWC™

Published: September 08, 2020

Through Quarterly Conversations and Annual Reviews we can uncover lots about how people feel in their seat. Do they love it? Do they hate it? Are they great at it or just ok at it? Making sure you meet consistently for these types of feedback meetings is a critical part to maintaining the culture of the organization and the right people in the right seats. 

Step forward GWC: a simple tool that helps us uncover fit in a particular seat. 

Like Certified EOS Implementer®, CJ DuBe’, shares:

“When evaluating whether someone GWC’s their job, you must ask three questions and answer either “Yes” or “No” to each one. “Maybe” is NOT an option:

    1. Do they Get it?
    2. Do they Want it?
    3. Do they have the Capacity to do it?

If anyone of the three answers is “No,” then that person is in the wrong seat.”

Ninety’s Feedback App provides a simple way to manage the GWC for everyone in your organization. 

Fully integrated with the Accountability Chart, each manager runs their direct reports through a 2-way conversation or review including GWC of their seat’s roles and responsibilities. Paired with the Core Value review and fully customizable performance questions, the Feedback app allows you to make clear, informed decisions about right people, right seat. Easily bring these results to your Level 10 Meeting and IDS with your leadership team to determine next steps. 

When all your data is connected and accessible, issues or opportunities for growth become illuminated. 

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