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Alignment, Awareness

You probably get it better than anyone; without people and man-power your business would never get off the ground. You probably also know how easy it can be to ‘fill seats’ and get stuff done to try and scale your business. But this is one of the trickier EOS® components to get just right.

Like Certified EOS Implementer™, Mike Kotsis, shared in a recent blog:

“In a survey of business owners, 82% of the respondents cited people issues as their number one frustration. Employees, partners, customers, vendors – they all weren’t on the same page!”

Mike provides three questions to help you face your people issues, head-on:

  1. Is This the Right Structure?
  2. Are All the Right People in the Right Seats?
  3. Do You Have Enough Time?

Every team has people issues, but focusing on these three questions will give you the new perspective you need to overcome them. Getting your Accountability Chart built around structure will guide you towards getting the right people in the right seats, with the passion and talent to excel.

“The strength of the People Component™ is in direct proportion to your leadership team’s ability to confidently answer YES to these three questions.”

Ready to take a fresh look at your people situation? Your Accountability Chart is a great place to start, and Ninety’s got you covered.

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