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Your Business Scorecard: A System & Symptom Checker

Published: April 11, 2019

Accountability, Alignment

Your team’s Scorecard can take months, even years, to refine and even then is a ‘forever work in progress’ as the company is growing and changing. But, once you get it just right, it will illuminate trends and areas of opportunity or concern. Ninety EOS software provides easy management of team score cards all in one dashboard. 

Like Certified EOS Implementer™, Dean Breyley, says,

“A business Scorecard is a symptom-checker of vital signs which enables you to accurately monitor symptoms, make a diagnosis, and correctly and accurately prescribe treatment of how to improve, become healthier, and fitter.”

Dean’s blog teaches us ways to identify acute or chronic pain from the Scorecard. Essentially, the business Scorecard works as a symptom-checker to identify the underlying issues and how to get in front of them. Dean reminds us that:

“Every function of a company serves a purpose in the business, like all our major limbs and organs serve a distinct purpose in our body.”

So develop your weekly Scorecard into a system-checker that helps you understand the position you’re in, and forecast and prepare for trends. Ninety’s Scorecard trend indicators are color-coded to provide at-a-glance review of where your measurables are today and where they are heading, relative to the goal.

Creating your Scorecard in Ninety is easy and powerful, with seamless integration to Issues, To-Do’s and seats on your Accountability Chart.

Start with Ninety today.