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Use your EOS® Core Values & EOS® Software to Hire Right

Published: August 21, 2019

Your Core Values are so much more than a statement or acronym on the V/TO™. They stand for the culture you want and the type of people you need to achieve your vision. You may also be using them as an ongoing evaluation tool to determine people fit and alignment within the organization, through your Quarterly Conversations™. But what about a tool for hiring and attracting talent? Ninety's EOS software can help keep track of your core values so that you can use them as a hiring tool. 

Certified EOS Implementer™️, Marisa Smith, teaches us how to leverage the Core Values as a hiring tool in her recent blog:

In each Quarterly Session, when reviewing the Core Values on the V/TO™ with my clients, I always ask, “Are these the right core values? And are you using them to hire, fire, review, reward, and recognize people?” The answers I get reveal that while most EOS companies are faithfully using the People Analyzer™ to evaluate their existing employees, many struggle with how to integrate the core values in the hiring process.

Like Marisa says, the evaluation of existing people seems to come naturally, but hiring is often lacking, and she shares some simple ways to inject your Core Values into your current hiring plan.

When your Core Values are documented, accessible by everyone, and integrated into your Quarterly Conversations or Annual Reviews, they become a seamless part of what your people do on a daily basis. Ninety’s platform of EOS software provides the link between managing your EOS tools and that daily application.

See how thousands of people are relying on Ninety to get the most out of EOS®.