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August 15, 2018

No more app tray, reassign measurables, and a new AC export!

Updates: Accountability Chart, UX/UI Updates, Updates: Scorecard & Measurables

We've been working to bring you increased flexibility across the Scorecard and Accountability Chart, and in the process streamlined how the software operates to create a faster and easier user experience. The main features in this release include how you navigate around the software, and the ability to do more with measurables on or not on the Accountability Chart.


Navigationmacbook (2)

Easily access any page you need in just one click. The App Tray in the top right has been removed and all pages have been moved to the left navigation bar. 

All users will see the 10 main icons, and only users with access to Settings will see the settings icon.



The Scorecard has undergone the biggest change with an overhaul to how we are storing and 

processing data. These updates to the back end will increase efficiency and reliability for the end user, and pave the way for future updates we plan to release in the scorecard.


The 3 main features you will see right now are: 

  • Change the owner of the measurable or the seat/role the measurable is attached to.
  • Create a measurable that is not assigned to a user. 
  • Add multiple existing measurables to the scorecard at once through the Add Measurable button (plus sign).


Accountability Chart

The Accountability Chart we have mirrored the flexibility now provided on the Scorecard. Users can now add multiple people to any seat (except for the Visionary and Integrator). The chart will also allow you to scroll down while hovering on top of a seat to see more roles.

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With these updates we also looked at improving basic usability, requiring less clicks to add a person, making the expand arrow more visible and only on seats that have seats below them. 

 The Accountability Chart PDF Export has also been improved! It follows the same layout, but it does have roles available to view. 

These features are being released to companies using Traxion over the next couple of weeks. You will be contacted by a member of our Client Success Team when your account is ready to receive these updates. Please reach out to helpful@traxion.io with any questions!