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August 27, 2020

User Settings: Set a Default Team

Updates: Settings

A settings icon has been added to your My 90 page to start giving you more customizations for your profile. Meaning a user specific setting instead of a global company setting.

The first option we have added to your user settings is the ability to set a default team. To date, the system pulls up the team you last visited.

When you turn on "Use Default Team on Login", you will still utilize the last accessed team as you are going from page to page, but every time you log in or open a new tab, this setting lets you choose the team to go back to.



Other user settings have been added by default:

  • Side navigation pinned vs. no pinned 
  • Graphs on My 90: Choosing the team, type, or other fields
  • Filter on My 90 Milestones (viewing all, done, or incomplete)

This means when you make a selection on the above options, it will save as your preferred options. You wont need to set specific filters, or continue to pin the sidebar each time you login.

Coming next week, the ability to adjust the date formatting. Tell us what other user settings you would like to see👇