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May 06, 2019

New Tool: Feedback


Feedback is Ninety's newest way to help you keep track of Quarterly Conversations and Annual Reviews, and it is now available! 


This new page is located in the left navigation of your account, directly above Directory and Process. It is available for ALL users, but Managers and Managees will only be able to see the conversations they are a part of. Owners/Admins will see all.

Check out the video overview and more details below!

Quarterly Conversation

Since Quarterly Conversations are informal, face-to-face meetings, Ninety is used to prepare and organize your thoughts for that conversation! Within Ninety, you can create the conversation, then prepare the Managee Assessment and Manager Assessment. Each person will fill out the same forms, reviewing themselves and the other party.


Once forms are submitted, each party can print their form to PDF and bring that to their meeting. In the details view and Archive, you will only see the responses you submitted.

Looking to have a more formal, documented conversation within Ninety? Use the Annual Review.


Annual Review

Just like a Quarterly Conversation, create the Review and fill out the forms, BUT when you are ready to hold the meeting, you can do so directly within Ninety!Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 7.32.28 PM

Once the form has been submitted by each party, the Start Meeting button will appear. Then they can begin the meeting and see their responses side by side, going through the forms and notes.

These details can be edited during the meeting!

Once the meeting is done, sign and date by typing your name and entering the date, and select Finish. The record of this meeting is saved for the participants to archive and view anytime. Owners/Admins are also able to view meetings (even if they were not a participant).

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