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Ninety Product Updates

Managers & Managees Assigning Content to Other Teams

Updates: To-Do's, Updates: Issues, UX/UI Updates

Managers and Managees (user roles) cannot see content for teams they are not on, but sometimes these users may be running a meeting and need to assign content to those teams.

Now they can!

Managers and Managees will see "Other Teams" when they select[..]

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Personal To-do's

Updates: To-Do's, UX/UI Updates

A personal to-do allows you to create to-do's private from any of your team members. They appear on your My Focus page, and are excluded from any team lists - meaning it will not show up on the to-do's page in the left navigation.

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Rich Text Formatting & Rock, To-Do, Issue Page Updates

Updates: Rocks, Updates: To-Do's, Updates: Issues

We are excited to announce some great new features on our Rocks, To-Do's and Issues pages! All of our pages are moving to have this more detailed layout, attachments, printing and more. 

Across Rocks, To-Do's and Issues, you will find the following[..]

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Sort To-Do's by Due Date

Updates: To-Do's

And, by popular demand, it's here...

You can now sort To-Do's by due date! 

Simply visit the To-Do's or My Focus page, and click on the due date button. It will automatically sort your items with the most recent due at the top.

To choose a specific[..]

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Archived Content

Updates: Rocks, Updates: To-Do's, Updates: Issues, UX/UI Updates

Feature UpdatesOn the Rocks, To-Do's and Issues pages toggle the Archive filter to see your content. This is found in the orange Filters bar on each of those pages.When the Archive is toggled on, you will be able to see your past content organized by due[..]

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