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Ninety Product Updates

Setting a New "Top Seat" on the Accountability Chart & More

Updates: Accountability Chart, UX/UI Updates

The Accountability Chart page has been updated, and is ready for you to start giving us feedback on the following new features! Changes include a variety of UI/UX updates, alongside improving page speed and response especially for larger organizations.

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No more app tray, reassign measurables, and a new AC export!

Updates: Accountability Chart, UX/UI Updates, Updates: Scorecard & Measurables

We've been working to bring you increased flexibility across the Scorecard and Accountability Chart, and in the process streamlined how the software operates to create a faster and easier user experience. The main features in this release include how[..]

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Printing the Full Accountability Chart

Updates: Accountability Chart

You can now print the entire Accountability Chart by clicking the PDF button on the page. The printed chart will contain the first three leadership roles on the first page, and then each of the following pages will contain the manager and one level of[..]

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Accountability Chart Enhancements

Updates: Accountability Chart

Each time you visit the Accountability Chart you will see the Senior Leadership Team. Simply click on the expand button on each seat to see the managees below. 

More SpeedContinue building your company as much as you need, and enjoy the same speeds from 5[..]

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Printable A/C, Toggling Features, and V/TO™ Priority Sort

Updates: Accountability Chart, Updates: V/TO, Updates: Settings

New Features

Printable Accountability Chart

Go to the Accountability Chart and press command+p (on a Mac), ctrl+p (on a PC) or edit print - to have a printable version of your Accountability Chart. Use the plus and minus arrows on the bottom left of the[..]

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