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December 10, 2020

Scorecard Updates: Phase 1

Updates: Scorecard & Measurables

What does Phase 1 mean? Over the coming weeks we have a ton of awesome Scorecard updates coming out to you. This is the first 👏

What's new in Phase 1


  • Speed! Each Scorecard should load much faster, both in and outside a meeting, no matter how many measurables you have.
  • Pagination: Easily page through measurables when you have more than 25 on a given team.
  • Yes/No Measurable Unit: Instead of just Currency, Percentage, or Number you can now add a measurable that has a goal and value entry as "Yes" "No" or blank. The total and the average column will give you the total or average amount of times you have hit your goal.image-png-Dec-10-2020-10-30-00-63-PM
  • Time Measurable Unit: Instead of needing to put time based measurables as plain numbers, enter as Hours, Minutes and Seconds in a HH:MM:SS format.


What's next?

It's just the beginning. Phase 2 we will be launching the ability to have custom goals for each value you input, plus the ability to see the Trailing 4 Weeks and Trailing 13 Weeks sum or average from Weekly measurables. And Phase 3 we will finally be launching the ability to have Smart Measurables (meaning creating formulas), and better connection to the V/TO™ to see goal vs. actual.

As always, send feedback to let us know what else you would like to see!

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