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April 09, 2020

Run Quarterly Sessions in 90!

UX/UI Updates, Updates: Meetings

Now more than ever in our remote world, we need ways to stay organized. For this reason, we have transformed the meetings page to allow you to run Quarterly Sessions, and soon Annual Planning along with other custom meetings! But before we get ahead of ourselves, here is how you run a Quarterly Session in 90.

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 8.44.56 PM

Just like a Level 10

The Level 10 Meetings™ page has been transformed into "Meetings" and you will see 2 tabs on the Meetings page. Level 10 Meeting and Quarterly.

The Quarterly works just like your Level 10 Meetings do. You can start the meeting, choose your team and confirm the type. The typically Quarterly agenda will populate, but this is customizable via the same settings icon you use to change the time frames for a Level 10.

(Time is the only thing that can be customized now, not the sections themselves.)


Starting/Running the Meeting

We've added a lot of exciting features that are in addition to your typical Level 10 that we will list here:Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 8.45.46 PM

  • Upon starting the Quarterly, a copy of the team's V/TO is saved. This is a NEW version of the V/TO that you can learn more about here. Archived version of the V/TO are accessible on the V/TO page, and this function lets you jump in and start editing as soon as you get to the V/TO section, knowing that you already have a version of last Quarter's saved. 
  • Use "Show Notes" to take free form notes throughout the meeting. You can also add attachments during or after the meeting. This lets you attach any external resources like whiteboard images or slide decks.
  • The EOS Toolbox™ section allows you to mark the EOS Tools as done when your team has mastered the item. Quarter to quarter you can see your team's progress!
  • The Rocks section shows the Long Term Issues, allowing you to turn your issues into Rocks. Users can then visit the Rocks tab to see what they have created and make their Rocks SMART!
  • Upon concluding the meeting, the recap email will include similar details to the current L10 recap, plus Rocks created during the meeting.

Plus, we provide you tips and tricks while you are in the meeting to help you complete the correct actions!


Active Meetings

For both Level 10 Meetings™ and Quarterlies, you can see Active Meetings, meaning meetings that you started and suspended. This shows you the team that the meeting is currently active for, and clicking on the meeting allows you to see some of the meeting details so you can re-start the correct meeting. 


Tired of reading? Watch the video below!



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