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October 02, 2020

Private Teams

Updates: Settings

Run Same Page Meetings or one on one meetings easier than ever with the new option to have a team be Private. What does a Private Team mean?

  • Only users on the team can see a Private team
    • No other users can see a Private Team or assign content to the team
  • Anyone with an Owner Role can add themselves to the team, but other users cannot adjust a Private Team's members.
  • Owner Role can change any team to Private (even if they aren't on it)

We see users making use of the Private team with a same page meeting, or other types of one on one meetings that should not be public even to the rest of the account administrators. 

How to change a team to Private.


Visit settings, and on the Teams tab you will see a new column for "Private". You will only be able to select Private for teams you are on. 

When selecting this, it means only users on that team will be able to see the content on the Scorecard, Rocks, To-dos, Issues and VTO. 


What users not on the team will see.

For users not on the team, it does not matter what their role is, they will not see the option to toggle to view that team. They will also not be able to assign content to the team. 
Hovering over "Private" on settings you will see: "Only users on the team can see content - including Owner/Admin roles. Great for Same Page meetings! Owners are still able to put themself on the team if they are not a member.”

How do you plan on using Private Teams? Let us know what else we can add to help you maximize productivity! 

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