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April 26, 2019

Pricing Update!

Updates: Settings

You read it right. We are making Ninety more accessible for teams of every size. Our pay per user model will stay the same, but we have decreased the initial tier size, and decreased the price of the second two tiers. The new cost per month will be:

1 - 25 users = $12/user

26 - 75 users = $8/user

76+ users = $5/user

See your pricing on your billing page. Accessible to Owners/Admins only.

As your company grows to over 25 users, you will always have your first 25 users in the first tier, and users above that limit will be at the discounted price(s). You will still be billed per month.

As always this includes ALL of our current tools, and our two newest tools to be released in a couple of weeks: Feedback and Process! More details on those to come. Through these pricing and feature updates, we hope we can make EOS Software more accessible for your entire organization!

This pricing is effective immediately, so it will affect your next billing cycle. NO ACTION REQUIRED!

Please reach out with any questions!

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