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Milestones on Rocks

Updates: Rocks, Updates: Meetings

When building out your Rock details, include as many Milestones as needed to create meaningful due dates to accomplish a bigger goal! With a

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Add a Rock to Multiple Teams

Updates: Rocks

You can now add your Rocks to any team that you are on. Meaning you could have a Leadership Team Rock, and decide it should also be visible on Marketing and Operations!

It works like this:

  • Select the Rock
  • Click the Add to Other Teams dropdown
  • Select[..]
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Rich Text Formatting & Rock, To-Do, Issue Page Updates

Updates: Rocks, Updates: To-Do's, Updates: Issues

We are excited to announce some great new features on our Rocks, To-Do's and Issues pages! All of our pages are moving to have this more detailed layout, attachments, printing and more. 

Across Rocks, To-Do's and Issues, you will find the following[..]

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Meeting Recap Email

Updates: Meetings

Email all of your team members (both attended and not) a Meeting Recap when you conclude your Level 10 Meetings™! This meeting recap email includes:

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Attach Documents to Feedback Conversations

Updates: Feedback

Now, when you create a Quarterly Conversation or Annual Review you are able to add attachments to the specific conversation. Feel free to use this for a recorded video, additional questions, customized review items, notes or anything else you need! 

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