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Ninety Product Updates

Add Virtual Whiteboard Tools to Meetings

Updates: Meetings

With the ability to customize your meeting agenda with external webpages, you can now add virtual whiteboard tools right into the meeting. Forget moving between screen shares or fussing with whiteboard cameras during virtual sessions!

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Show / Hide Current Week on Scorecard

Updates: Scorecard & Measurables, Updates: Settings

In your Scorecard Settings, your team now has the option to show or hide the current week on the Scorecard. By default, the current week will be hidden. Toggling on "Show current week for _____ team?" will make the current week visible only on that[..]

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Accountability Chart Privacy Option

Updates: Accountability Chart, Updates: Settings

Making changes to your Accountability Chart or have any reason to add an additional level of privacy? Now in Settings, your company has the option to hide the Accountability Chart from any non-Leadership Team members. 

Visit Settings > Configuration[..]

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User Settings: Set a Default Team

Updates: Settings

A settings icon has been added to your My 90 page to start giving you more customizations for your profile. Meaning a user specific setting instead of a global company setting.

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90 Default Quarterly Measurables

Ninety is providing your Leadership team measurables that your team can use to track progress towards gaining Traction.

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