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Ninety Product Updates

Annual Review Custom Questions

Updates: Feedback

Within Feedback, in an Annual Review, your company can now create custom questions to populate in each Annual Review. These can also be changed / customized within each individual conversation as well!

To edit all newly created reviews in the company,[..]

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My Measurables & Milestones on My Focus

Updates: Rocks, UX/UI Updates, Updates: Scorecard & Measurables

My Focus, the page dedicated to all things assigned to you is expanding. Find all measurables owned by you, and all of your Milestones directly below Rocks and To-do's.

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Milestone details included in turning Rocks into Issues

Updates: Rocks

When turning Rocks into To-do's or Issues, Milestone data is now included in the description. 

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Move & Duplicate Processes

Updates: Process

Created a process and need to edit? We've made it easier for you to change your mind and update your Core Processes and their steps.

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Meetings out of Beta with printing upgrade!

Updates: Meetings

A couple weeks ago, meetings was completely revamped and now that we have released some enhancements, we are ready to remove the beta tag! We still want to hear your feedback, so keep telling us what you want to see next!

The print agenda was the[..]

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