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Ninety Product Updates

Rocks, To-dos & Measurables Charts on My 90

Updates: Settings

More data ready for you!

You've been adding lots of great content into your 90 account, and here is the first way we are putting all that data to use for you! The new Charts on My 90 give you real time a real time look at any teams you have access to.[..] Read More

Annual Subscription and Invoice History

Updates: Settings

What to Expect:

  • Current Subscriptions will end, and a new one will begin, this will show up like "trial ending" or asking you to add payment info.
  • 3 additional features below
  • No action required on your end to keep account open or in trial.


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Setting a New "Top Seat" on the Accountability Chart & More

Updates: Accountability Chart, UX/UI Updates

The Accountability Chart page has been updated, and is ready for you to start giving us feedback on the following new features! Changes include a variety of UI/UX updates, alongside improving page speed and response especially for larger organizations.

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Run Quarterly Sessions in 90!

UX/UI Updates, Updates: Meetings

Now more than ever in our remote world, we need ways to stay organized. For this reason, we have transformed the meetings page to allow you to run Quarterly Sessions, and soon Annual Planning along with other custom meetings! But before we get ahead[..]

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VTO Archiving, Sharing and more

UX/UI Updates, Updates: V/TO

The V/TO™ has been upgraded! You can now archive versions of your VTO for each team, plus share the leadership VTO with all teams. The Quarterly Export button is temporarily removed, and will be back the week of 4/13/20. We apologize for this[..]

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