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September 10, 2019

Move & Duplicate Processes

Updates: Process

Created a process and need to edit? We've made it easier for you to change your mind and update your Core Processes and their steps.


Duplicate a Tile

Copy a Core Process, Step or Sub Step to easily get the information from one tile to another. Copying a tile will duplicate the Title, Description and Details. 

No measurables or Attachments will copy. 

Move/Rearrange Tiles

Duplicates will be placed directly next to the copied tile. From there, you can rearrange or move the Tile - see more below!

You've always been able to move tiles left and right, but now you can move Steps or Sub Steps to different sections. Now you are free to change your mind and change the layout!

Remember, you still only have 3 levels to work with, so if you have a step with Sub Steps you wont be able to move it "down" unless you remove the Sub Steps.


Zoom Out to See More

Want to see your steps all in one line? Zoom out and watch the page scale.


Always improving!