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December 24, 2019

Annual Review Custom Questions

Updates: Feedback

Within Feedback, in an Annual Review, your company can now create custom questions to populate in each Annual Review. These can also be changed / customized within each individual conversation as well!

To edit all newly created reviews in the company, click on the settings icon next to New Annual Review.


This opens up the options to remove or edit the existing questions, plus add additional questions. Each questions' response field will be a paragraph form response.

Editing an Individual Review

A user can also adjust an Annual Review individually, so that it is the only review affected. To do this, the review's forms cannot be started yet by either party. When the review is clicked on the settings icon in the top right of the details section has the same options to edit the conversations. 


Once either party begins to fill out their forms, the conversation can no longer be changed. 

Add as many custom questions as your team needs!