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April 15, 2020

Setting a New "Top Seat" on the Accountability Chart & More

Updates: Accountability Chart, UX/UI Updates

The Accountability Chart page has been updated, and is ready for you to start giving us feedback on the following new features! Changes include a variety of UI/UX updates, alongside improving page speed and response especially for larger organizations.

Existing UI/UX Updates

We have some small feature enhancements to make the Accountability Chart easier to use. These include:

  • Plus sign "Add Seat" button in the bottom left of a seat instead of "Add Managee". This still adds a seat to the level below.
  • Open seat details icon changed to Pencil icon.
  • Ability to delete a seat and all seats below (using the More Actions button). We repeat: When seats are below a seat you are deleting, all seats below will be deleted.
  • Accountability Chart expands one level at a time instead of all seats below.

New Feature Updates

  • More Actions button on each seat to turn seats into Issues or To-dos
  • Expand all and Collapse all options in the top right.
  • Observers now can be shown on the Accountability Chart!
  • Setting a Top Seat, more details below!

Set a Top Seat

View specific portions of the Accountability Chart with the new "Top Seat" function.

Select a top seat from the top left dropdown, OR use the more actions button on the chart to set a seat as the Top Seat.

When you activate this, the specific seat 



Let us know what you think! This is just the start. More functionality around duplicating seats, moving roles to other seats, and printing coming later this year.