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Alignment, Awareness

Equally important, equally engaged and equally necessary to driving your business forward, the Visionary/Integrator pair requires a special relationship. Being on the same page and sharing the same vision is the very foundation of their relationship, while simultaneously challenging and flexing to move the company forward.

Certified EOS Implementer™, David Norman illustrates the ‘dynamic tension’ of the relationship in his recent blog:

“Each hand, individually, stands alone. Yet the two hands are, collectively, bound by the rubber band. The rubber band is emblematic of the dynamic tension existing between well-functioning Visionaries and Integrators. Each pulls the other – to another product/service line, to more focused efforts, or to a different, improved position.”

The push-pull dynamic is a powerful yet delicate balance to achieve. Too much pull means they are too far apart and not on the same page. Too much slack can mean they are too similar, and just coexisting in their roles, not challenging each other or moving the company into a better position.

Maintaining the balance can be done through Same Page Meetings™ in Ninety. Create a team just for the Visionary / Integrator pair and use the Issues List™ to IDS™ in a private, secure place, where open and honest conversation can happen.

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