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Your Vision/Traction Organizer™ (V/TO™) is a living document that not only captures the landscape of your company, but it illuminates the connection between larger company goals and the daily roles and responsibilities of your people. Seeing and understanding that connection is both empowering and motivating, allowing employees to see how and where their role is making an impact.

But, just giving your people the V/TO is not enough. They need to understand it, want to be part of it, and actively follow it.

As Sue Hawkes, Certified EOS Implementer™, says:

“Everyone will make better decisions on their own because they understand the company Core Values, Core Focus™, long and short term plans, your Marketing Strategy and your priorities for the next 90 days.”

Achieving this type of engagement from your people takes work. They need to see it, hear it, read it and own it. Sue shares her 5 tips for moving from ‘shared with all’ to shared by all’ and accessibility to the V/TO is the common denominator of them all.

Provide your people with clear and direct access to the V/TO in Ninety. Establish the Core Values, Core Focus and 10-Year-Target™ at the Leadership Team level, lock it in for the next 90 days, and instantly cascade it down throughout every level in your company.

This type of transparency and inclusion not only generates and nurtures company morale, but it provides your people with a guide to making decisions in their daily roles that are directly in line with the company’s vision.

Start with an integrated and accessible V/TO in Ninety. Start your free 30 days!