Clarity: the quality of being easy to see or hear; sharpness of image or sound.

Take a moment to let that sink in… Now think about your company’s vision and your plan for executing it. Does the concept of ‘clarity’ apply? Do your people confidently know and understand what they’re working toward?

Like Certified EOS Implementer™, Randy Taussig writes:

“It’s important to reach a strong consensus and buy-in to the vision of your organization. But too often team members will passively shake/nod their heads, which ultimately leads to disengagement and lack of commitment to that vision. Instead, teams must often engage in healthy debate to reach true alignment on their vision.”

The simplest way to achieve clarity around your vision and plan, is through your V/TO™. In Ninety, when you establish the V/TO at the Leadership Level, the Core Values, Core Focus™ and 10-Year Target™ cascade down and are visible and accessible by every team at every level in the company.

With this visibility, your team will naturally become more engaged and committed to the vision and direction of the company. Your people will feel empowered and aligned in your march towards achieving goals and growth.

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