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Texting Traxion's Mentor Bot

Published: November 24, 2017


Texting is a major part of our day-to-day life, and has even found its way into a lot of our daily work-related communication. And now you can even stay on top of your weekly responsibilities in Traxion through texting. Traxion has not only added a texting integration into your Traxion account, but created a mentor bot.

Henryx, Traxion's Mentor Bot, right now will help you add content into your Traxion account, retrieve information upon requeest, and will send you reminders. Overtime Henryx will get smarter to help you with more!


So what are some ways you can interact with Henryx? Text:

  • "What are my to-do's?" > Henryx will send a list of your to-do's
  • "Add issue title of issue" > Henryx will ask you what team you would like to add this to

Those type of commands are available for rocks, to-do's and issues.


Now you can stay more connected to your team, and continue making progress on your Rocks and To-do's from anywhere!


Create your own Traxion account, set up your phone number and tell us how you interact with Henryx!

Start your 30 day free trial!


What do our clients have to say?

"I do really like the issues feature. I can log in during the middle of the night and jot down an issue that's been keeping me awake. That means it's not forgotten and we can get it resolved during the appropriate meeting that week.

So you could say Traxion helps me sleep at night…" — Jon Law | Lollipop Local