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Our Blog: Helping Leaders Focus

Software for the Six Key Components™ of Your Business

Accountability, Alignment, Awareness, Tools

Ninety.io is an ever-evolving platform.

We’re proud of our commitment to providing you with outstanding EOS® solutions covering all of the Six Key Components. We know you have many choices -- lots of products can help you manage your business. But[..]

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Ninety supporting you in a remote work culture.

Accountability, Alignment, Awareness

The Temporary New Normal

Much like you, our team has been navigating uncharted waters during the past few weeks and making our way through this temporary “new normal”. 

Our team has worked a combination of in person and remote for the past three years,[..]

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EOS® Software to Boost Team Recognition

Accountability, Awareness

Recognition is a powerful source of engagement; often believed to have greater impacts than compensation or bonuses.

“Human beings are hard-wired to crave recognition.
When we know that others are seeing us in a positive light, our brains release a few[..]
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