Equipped for Turnover with Ninety

Awareness, Alignment

Whether someone at the company retires, relocates or decides to re-invent their career path, dealing with turnover is a daunting and often challenging process. You’re left with projects (Rocks) undone, Issues unsolved and probably many questions[..]

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Reducing the Magnitude of your Rocks


Wow. Have you ever left an EOS Quarterly™ session wondering how on earth you're going to move that boulder - err I mean Rock - to completion? Rocks are big impact items, with 90 day due dates that, when achieved, will fuel your business forward. No[..]

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Your People Component: Vital or Volatile?

Alignment, Awareness

You probably get it better than anyone; without people and man-power your business would never get off the ground. You probably also know how easy it can be to ‘fill seats’ and get stuff done to try and scale your business. But this is one of the[..]

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