Your People Component: Vital or Volatile?

Alignment, Awareness

You probably get it better than anyone; without people and man-power your business would never get off the ground. You probably also know how easy it can be to ‘fill seats’ and get stuff done to try and scale your business. But this is one of the[..]

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Pro Tips for a Level 10 Meeting™ Tune-up


When you run a successful Level 10 Meeting, your team allocates 90 minutes each week to focus, solve and get clear on who is accountable for what over the next 7 days. Like anything, without proper time and dedication, it can be easy to get off track...

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Maxed Out, Delegate Out: Finding Capacity to Grow

Alignment, Accountability

We’re only human, and we only have so much time in the day, so much capacity to perform and so much desire to do certain tasks. There are things we love and are great at, and things we’d rather not do or may not be the strongest at. When’s the last time[..]

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