The Importance of Clarity to Cascade Your V/TO™


Clarity: the quality of being easy to see or hear; sharpness of image or sound.

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Maxed Out, Delegate Out: Finding Capacity to Grow

Alignment, Accountability

We’re only human, and we only have so much time in the day, so much capacity to perform and so much desire to do certain tasks. There are things we love and are great at, and things we’d rather not do or may not be the strongest at. When’s the last time[..]

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Building an Effective Scorecard

Awareness, Alignment, Accountability

Often at the Leadership Team level, it can be easier to 'master' EOS than at the company level. The Leadership Team holds 5-6 full day sessions each year, focused on deep-diving into the tools and components of EOS®. They get to meet face-to-face with[..]

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