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Structure First: Building a Smart Accountability Chart

Published: July 24, 2018

Accountability, Alignment

If you're running on EOS®, you remember that one of the first and most important tools you learned was the Accountability Chart. Why? The Accountability Chart, when properly built, lays the framework for your company and provides direction for applying accountability amongst your people.

Certified EOS Implementer, Jonathan Smith, reminds us to focus on structure, first, with his 5 tips for building out your Accountability Chart.

Remember: your structure will need to change over time as your company grows. The structure your company needs now is different than when you started out, and your needs will change as you grow. Make sure you review your Accountability Chart regularly, making adjustments as needed to support your current needs and prepare for future growth.

Ready to map it all out? Ninety's Accountability Chart allows you the freedom to add every single person in your company, whether they are users or not, to give you the most comprehensive solution for establishing your structure.

With Ninety's integrated functionality, tie in the roles and responsibilities, add measurables and assign ownership and accountability all from your Accountability Chart.

Time to get started.