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Small Wins, Big Impacts

Published: May 23, 2019


It’s an unfortunate truth that we’re more likely to call out the things that go wrong, than celebrate the things that go right. But, the reality is, small wins are building blocks to big impacts and should be recognized and acknowledged as such. Ninety EOS software makes it easy to celebrate small victories that can make a huge impact. 

Like Certified EOS Implementer™, Chris White shares:

“As a leader and/or team member, it’s important to recognize individual and team accomplishments –even when they’re small. By doing so, you recognize their efforts and progress toward larger company goals. This recognition will boost the energy and mood of the team, which will spread throughout the office.”

The EOS Toolbox™ provides teams with ample ways to celebrate small wins on a weekly basis. Take the Level 10 Meeting™, for example. Inside that 90 minutes of focused energy, you can generate Headlines to celebrate customer or employee news, acknowledge and celebrate ‘green’ data points on the Scorecard, or 90% completion on the To-Do or Rock list!

No matter how small, acknowledging little wins on a daily or weekly basis generates a culture of appreciation and accomplishment for your employees. And Chris goes on to say,

“Remember, small wins build confidence, and they’re an opportunity to reflect on what’s working so you can do more of it. Research shows when employees see visible progress and experience small wins, they become more engaged and productive.”

So take the lead at your next Level 10 Meeting and celebrate some wins. Generate Headlines, or Core Value Shoutouts, and even cascade those messages down to other teams. Get your people excited and feeling empowered.

Not using Ninety to run your Level 10 Meetings? Get started today.