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Rocks: Increasing Efficiency with Milestones & EOS Software

Published: June 07, 2019

Accountability, Awareness

Due in 90 days, Rocks are big-impact items that drive the business forward. When properly defined, each member of the team takes their Rocks and has a clear path for the next 90 days. When there is ambiguity or confusion, team members will struggle to determine their action items and their Rocks become less likely to be marked ‘done’ in 90 days. Ninety EOS software can help keep rocks, and the employees responsible for them, on track.

Certified EOS Implementer™, Randy Taussig, identifies three reasons people get stuck on their Rocks:

  • Their Rocks aren’t clear enough, i.e. no consensus on what “done” looks like
  • They fail to delegate tasks, confusing “ownership” with “doing”
  • They don’t break down the Rocks into bite size milestones

Properly documented Rocks provide people with clear validation of what ‘done’ looks like. Rocks provide people with clear accountability and empowerment to make decisions to get things done. Well written Rocks often include milestones that take them through 30, 60 and 90 days, all the way to completion.

Like Randy says,

“Well thought out Rocks with clear impact ensure consistent progress towards reaching your Vision – one quarter at a time. But remember, you can get help completing them and come up with a strategy to manage those BIG Rocks.”

Jump into Ninety and document your Rocks with clear direction and milestones. Leverage Ninety’s seamless integration between Rocks, Issues and To-Do’s to create actionable tasks to say ‘done’ at your next Quarterly.

Put Ninety to work today!