Wow. Have you ever left an EOS Quarterly™ session wondering how on earth you're going to move that boulder - err I mean Rock - to completion? Rocks are big impact items, with 90 day due dates that, when achieved, will fuel your business forward. No pressure!

Without clear ownership, measurable objectives and achievable milestones, it’s easy to see how you could feel overwhelmed by the 90 days ahead, and completing your Rocks. Certified EOS Implementer™, Randy Taussig’s clients are no exception.

Randy’s recent blog lists the most common reasons his clients get stuck:

  1. Their Rocks aren’t clear enough, i.e. no consensus on what “done” looks like
  2. They fail to delegate tasks, confusing “ownership” with “doing”
  3. They don’t break down the Rocks into bite size milestones”

If you follow Randy’s tips to addressing each of these questions, you’ll reduce the ‘magnitude’ of your Rocks, and increase the completion rate. Remember, we strive for 100%, celebrate 80% but hit an average of 90% on our measurables, to-do's & Rocks.

And you can get there, too, with the help of EOS® software,!

With limitless description fields for Rocks, load in the milestones that will ensure you achieve your Rocks every 90 days. Create a to-do for each milestone and mark those complete every week at your Level 10 Meeting™. It all works together, so you can spend more time getting stuff done.

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