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Quarterly Meeting Walkthrough

Published: April 04, 2018


It's that time of year, and that means you are probably scrambling and sorting through paperwork to prepare for your Quarterly meeting...

Ninety users sleep easy knowing exactly what progress they have made because all of their tools are in a simple, all-in-one, cloud-based platform. And now, it's time to utilize all that data you have been collecting the past 13 weeks to run your Quarterly meeting!

Just like your Level 10 Meeting™, share Ninety on a central screen so you can have one person in the software and everyone can see. You may use the same technique as your weekly meeting, if you have team members off-site.


Agenda: Breaking down your typical Quarterly

Segue  ~30 minutes

Start by sharing a little status update with your team. Our team likes to share:

  1. Good news (personal and professional) from the last 90 days
  2. Describe the greatest source of frustration from the past 90 days
  3. State expectations for the day

*This can all be done outside of the Ninety software, but be sure you are capturing issues as they are mentioned by the team members during their update.


Previous Quarter's Scorecard & Rocks  ~1 hour

Visit your Scorecard in Ninety and take a look at the past 13 weeks. Is the average above or below the goal? Create new Long Term Issues based off measurables that are off-track.

Next, visit your Rocks page.

Archiving Rocks at the End of a Quarter
  • Turn all incomplete Rocks into Long Term Issues. You can do this by right clicking on the Rock!
  • It is recommended to have an 80% completion rate on Rocks, so if it is not, discuss why and potentially add to your issues list. You can check your completion rate by hovering over the graph icon in the upper right of your Company Rocks section.
  • Once you have created all Long Term Issues, Archive ALL of your Rocks by clicking on the double check, and select "Archive All Rocks". This ensures both completed and incomplete Rocks are archived for the quarter. 

Check out the video on the right for more details on Handing your Rocks section! 


Review the V/TO  ~1 hour

Going back over your V/TO will help your team ensure they are on the same page and stay focused for the remainder of the day as you are deciding your next quarter's Rocks and solving issues. All discussion should be helping you achieve your 3-Year Picture™, 1-Year Plan, and long term goals!

Be sure you all agree on your Vision, update your plan, and create new issues as you move through the V/TO.


Establish Next Quarter’s Rocks  ~1 hour

Each team member should identify the most important things for the company to get done this quarter. List all of the topics discussed, keep/kill/combine all the items until you are down to your critical list of company and individual Rocks.

Typically, teams create 3-7 company Rocks. Be sure to assign ownership for each Rock!


Solve your Issues  ~4 hours

You've been adding issues to your Long Term list all day, so now it's time to solve! 

*Be sure your team takes notes in the description section of each issue. This will help you create to-do's AND help you search for the issue in the future!


Next Steps  ~15 minutes

Time to wrap up! With all of your Rocks assigned, give each team member a to-do to make their Rocks SMART and review the SMART Rock with the Integrator.

Capture any cascading messages as a to-do for a designated team member to communicate.


Conclude  ~15 minutes

Go back to your notes from the beginning of the day. Have each team member:

  1. Discuss their overall feeling around the day
  2. Explain if their expectations of the day were met
  3. Rate the meeting


At the end of your Quarterly, all of your data is already in Ninety, so your team is prepared to start tackling their goals right away!


Not using Ninety yet? Gain efficiency while elevating your Accountability, Alignment and Awareness by moving to Ninety's cloud-based platform today!

Start your 30 day free trial!

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