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Process: Simple & Documented

Published: January 05, 2018


Process, one of the Six Key Components of EOS®, is often the most neglected of them all. Leaders and Entrepreneurs often overlook the importance of documenting and simplifying a systemized process, and the value it can bring to their team. This one component lays the foundation for scalability and sustainability, yet most are left with a broken process.

So, how can your team overcome this common problem?

Get the Leadership Team out of the way and let the managers who are in charge of these tasks step-up and increase the efficiency. This may not be easy to do, and that's why ProcessTriage can make such a huge difference! The ProcessTriage one-day session brings the managers, that live and work in the core process, together to simplify and document it. Together they create a 90-day action plan in a mere 8 hour day.

Better yet, Ninety co-Founder and Certified EOS Implementer, Chris White, has teamed up with ProcessTriage founder, Rosey Rosenberger, to bring you a quick read, Process Triage: How to Build Repeatable, Sustainable, and Scalable Core Processes in Your Business

Process Triage has made an incredible impact with my clients who are suffering from broken processes that are leaking cash and costing thousands of dollars. Process Triage not only repairs the broken processes but puts them into a steady state of perpetual self healing, resulting in streamlined operations that create consistency and scalability in the organization. As a Certified EOS Implementer, I highly recommend making Process Triage a Rock for the Quarter to systemize their business! -Chris White

Perfectly compatible with EOS, ProcessTriage can take your core processes (and team!) to the next level, and Ninety will be here to help manage it all.

Want to see just how Ninety will support your newly documented process and everyone on your team who helped get you there? Schedule a demo and start a free trial today!