Cascading Messages Keep the Rumors True

Alignment, Awareness

Every week your team meets for a weekly Level 10 Meeting™ where you work ON the business. You spend 90 minutes identifying, discussing and solving issues, many of which have a direct impact to the subsequent tiers and teams in the company. Are they being[..]

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Headlines: Encourage Engagement in Level 10 Meetings


The Level 10 Meeting™ is one of the very first behaviors your business will adopt and master during the EOS® journey. After the leadership team masters this discipline, Level 10 Meetings are introduced throughout the company, one level at a time. Tier by[..]

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Your Business Scorecard: A System & Symptom Checker

Accountability, Alignment

Your team’s Scorecard can take months, even years, to refine and even then is a ‘forever work in progress’ as the company is growing and changing. But, once you get it just right, it will illuminate trends and areas of opportunity or concern.

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