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Our Blog: Helping Leaders Focus

A Simple Way to Determine Right Seat: GWC™

Through Quarterly Conversations and Annual Reviews we can uncover lots about how people feel in their seat. Do they love it? Do they hate it? Are they great at it or just ok at it? Making sure you meet consistently for these types of feedback meetings is[..]

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Making the Accountability Chart Almost Easy to Build

It’s no coincidence that the Accountability Chart is one of the first tools you’re introduced to in your EOS® journey. During your Focus Day™, you begin looking at your organization with a new lens: seats and structure first, people and names second.[..]

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Strong Core Values Empower Decision-Making

If you’re running on EOS®, you know the importance of having core values and people that embody them. Core values are the backbone to a strong entrepreneurial company, the foundation of your V/TO™. 

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