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Maxed Out, Delegate Out: Finding Capacity to Grow

Published: November 20, 2018

Accountability, Alignment

We’re only human, and we only have so much time in the day, so much capacity to perform and so much desire to do certain tasks. There are things we love and are great at, and things we’d rather not do or may not be the strongest at. When’s the last time you took a self assessment of your capacity and desire to perform, personally or professionally?

Certified EOS Implementer™, Preston True, perfectly captures the pitfalls of trying to manage it all, and hold on tight to the reins:

“One of the most challenging roadblocks for us to breakthrough is our obsession with doing things we’ve been doing — the things that helped us build our businesses, but the things we should not be doing any longer. Ego is often the greatest culprit as we all want to be appreciated for things we’re good at doing.”

Preston’s blog, his own story of ‘maxing’ himself out, reminds us to get reacquainted with the EOS® exercise, Delegate and Elevate™, focusing on what you’re great at and passion about, and add value to your business. Delegate the rest to someone who can own those tasks and bring value with their own strengths.

Delegate and Elevate can often lead to hiring or reorganizing your Accountability Chart, and Ninety can help! Load in your people, clearly establish ownership and tie it all together with the Scorecard and measurables. A fully-integrated solution for running EOS.

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