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Making the Accountability Chart Almost Easy to Build

Published: September 08, 2020

It’s no coincidence that the Accountability Chart is one of the first tools you’re introduced to in your EOS® journey. During your Focus Day™, you begin looking at your organization with a new lens: seats and structure first, people and names second. The process to develop your Accountability Chart can be relatively simple at the leadership team level but tends to get harder as you dive deeper into the organization. 

Certified EOS Implementer®, Jonathan Smith, shares his 5 Tips For Building The Accountability Chart, and all of these tips are made almost easy through Ninety.io.

  1. Set a due date for each department to submit a first draft.  
  • Create a to-do for each department head to complete their portion of the Accountability Chart. They can build their teams and seats right in Ninety, where the tool is accessible and visible by everyone in the organization.
  1. Get real and be prepared to make hard decisions.
  • Easily review the Accountability Chart during your Level 10 Meeting™ by using Ninety’s ‘View Tool’ option. Create an issue so you can IDS™ as a team.
  1. It’s OK for the same name to appear in multiple seats.
  • Using the +Person icon on each seat, add the same person to multiple seats, or multiple people to the same seat if they have the same roles and responsibilities. 
  1. Collaborate and make revisions until you get it right.
  • The Accountability Chart will be ever-changing as your company grows and people outgrow their seats. Ninety provides tools for moving seats and changing managers making for easy organizational changes.
  1. Live with it and be prepared for it to evolve over time.
  • Fully integrated to the rest of your Ninety app, the Accountability Chart is visible and accessible and easy to change. Revisit and adjust whenever you need to!

Ninety’s software for EOS is dedicated to keeping things simple and aligned with the EOS Process®. When all the tools are integrated in a digital platform, the data becomes powerful. 

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