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Quarterly Pulsing™ sessions with your Leadership Team are critical checkpoints throughout the year that establish a 90-Day World™ of accountability. The sessions can be tense, but productive, and help you focus on what is really going to drive your company forward, establishing the action items to gain traction along the way: your Rocks.

Certified EOS Implementer™, Dean Breyley, shares his tips for managing Rocks and setting your Quarterly priorities, but most importantly why we limit our Rocks each Quarter:

“The reason to limit Rocks to three to seven (preferably closer to three) is that you’re going to break the organization of the habit of trying to focus on everything at once, which simply can’t be done. By limiting priorities, you can focus on what is most important. With the increased intensity of focusing on a limited number of Rocks, i.e., doing less, your people will accomplish more.”

Now read that again: “Doing less, your people will accomplish more”.

Less is more when it comes to Rocks, allowing you to become laser-focused on achieving the things that will increase traction in your company.

Ninety makes managing your Rocks transparent and interactive with the ability to freely add milestones that your team can see and follow from the Quarterly Session to due date. Other members of the team can review your notes, leave comments or create Issues when they have questions. And all of this can be seen and reviewed seamlessly during your Level 10 Meeting™.

It’s time your team ran EOS® with Ninety. Schedule a demo today!