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Learn to Love Meetings Again with the Level 10 Meeting™!

Published: April 14, 2020


Meetings have always gotten a bad rap! The word itself can immediately draw a negative connotation of talking in circles, never really getting to the root cause or truly solving issues.

Like Certified EOS Implementer®, Mike Paton shares:

“In talking to thousands of entrepreneurial leaders over the last 20 years, I've heard words and phrases like "endless, pointless, exhausting, inefficient, unproductive, etc." In short, most meetings are a frustrating waste of valuable time.”

But for those running on EOS® and implementing the weekly Level 10 Meeting™, the opposite couldn’t be more true. Imagine a world where you actually look forward to your weekly meetings, where things get resolved, you can be heard and your issues are addressed in an open and honest environment. Imagine the EOS 90-Day World®, and the tools to get there are already at your fingertips. 

“With a Level 10 Meeting™, you’ll be introduced to world-class, rock-solid weekly meetings that will make a difference in achieving your goals as well as saving you time and building team health. Doing them well -- first as a leadership team and then gradually migrating the discipline into the business -- will improve communication, solve problems, and help you gain more traction.”

Just one of the many EOS Tools you’ll use to build a healthy, scalable company, the Level 10 Meeting is the first one you’ll adopt and one of the most impactful. Meet at the same time every week for 90 minutes, working on the business, tackling issues and setting everyone up for a week of success. 

Ninety’s Level 10 Meeting manager will guide you through the standard agenda and format, offering a seamless place to review all aspects of your team’s data from scorecard measurables and Rocks, issues and to-dos, to Headlines and Cascading Messages. 

Let the automation of our Level 10 Meeting™ system work for you:

  • In app timer to track the section and overall duration.
  • Take notes throughout the meeting and see all of your meeting details on each past meeting.
  • Meeting recap email and activity recorded for review.

Accelerate your EOS mastery with Ninety’s collection of dedicated apps, built to make EOS simple.

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