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Issues: We've all got them.

Published: November 28, 2017


Issue after issue... moving through the list during the weekly Level 10 Meeting can drain any team. But how can you get through your issues list while avoiding glazed-over eyes? By actually focusing on your top, most pressing issues.

Some say it cannot be done, but if you use Traxion, you know it's done every day by hundreds of teams.


How? By adding, tracking, and prioritizing issues efficiently, before the meeting even starts!

It all starts with the cloud-based platform and texting integration. Log into Traxion from anywhere, or just pull out your phone and text Henryx to add an issue to the list.


Issues pile up, and there is no way around it, so prioritize them! Traxion has a built in Impact vs. Urgency grid, so each team member can prioritize their issue right when its created.

Priority Sort

And just like that, you can actually spend your time focused on SOLVING issues.


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