Gathering around the table for your Quarterly Pulsing session may have you feeling stressed or anxious. We totally get it! You have a full agenda and lots to accomplish in a set amount of time, and everyone is ready dig in and get things done.

But-- don’t let your team get caught-up trying to ‘get things done’ for the sake of cleaning up the Issues list, or not hurting each other's feelings.

Like Certified EOS Implementer™, Sue Hawkes says,

“During our quarterly sessions together, we spend a high percentage of our time on solving their issues. In the EOS Model™, the Issues Component™ has two tools. The first is the Issues List and the second is IDS™.”

Sue’s blog digs even deeper into the necessity of getting everything on the issues list, even the hard stuff, or the things that might upset people, because that’s how you solve instead of patch the issues. She provides tips and insights to building trust and a stronger leadership team.

Use Ninety to build your Issues list where everyone can access it, add their stuff, and work together to IDS during your Level 10 Meeting™ or Quarterly Pulse™ sessions. When a solution is reached, turn the Issue into a To-Do and keep things moving forward in a seamless way.

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