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Many of our users that joined us in 2017/2018 were familiar with our Issue Prioritization method of choosing 1-5 to rank an issue based on Impact and Urgency. 

With an EOS® License Agreement and goal to make issue solving more consistent with EOS (i.e., focus just on identifying the next three issues to be solved), we've removed the Impact vs. Urgency prioritization from Ninety.

For anyone that still prefers that method, this article is for you!


If you would like to still easily see numbering 1 - 5 we recommend that when your team creates an issue, they add the priority number to the title field.

Example: A level 4 issue would now have a title of “4 - Title of issue”.


Then when you are in your meeting you can drag your issues to reorganize them, pulling the top 3 into the orange section at the top.


We hope this helps as we transition to Ninety! Click here to view a complete list of updates to the software. As always, let us know your feedback.