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Headlines: Encourage Engagement in Level 10 Meetings With EOS Software

Published: April 18, 2019


The Level 10 Meeting™ is one of the very first behaviors your business will adopt and master during the EOS® journey. After the leadership team masters this discipline, Level 10 Meetings are introduced throughout the company, one level at a time. Tier by tier, the excitement around this new process can get watered down so it’s vitally important that the leaders work to keep everyone engaged throughout that 90 minutes. Implementing Ninety EOS Software can help keep focus during those 90 minutes. 

Certified EOS Implementer™, Mike Paton, relays a common experience amongst his client teams:

“Rather than getting on the field and playing the game of meeting, employees are sitting in the stands, watching. If that sounds familiar, the first thing you should do is make sure you’re running a pure Level 10 Meeting.”

Mike goes on to share 5 additional tips for increasing employee engagement, several of them relating to Headlines. If your company is anything like the other tens of thousands running on EOS, then you can probably relate to lengthy silence during the Headlines section of your meeting. It’s time to call it out!

Like Mike shares,

“It simply isn’t okay for people to skip Good News during the Segue, or to not bring Headlines and Issues to the meeting, or to not speak up during IDS™”

Encourage engagement amongst your people with Ninety’s Headlines feature. Document customer or employee news, give a core values shoutout, or praise a colleague for receiving awesome customer feedback!

Headlines in Ninety can be seamlessly transitioned into Cascading Messages, effectively communicating exciting news or updates across the company, or into an Issue or To-Do if more action is needed. Nothing slips through the cracks when everything is integrated.

Give Ninety’s Headlines a try at your next Level 10 Meeting!