Like most entrepreneurs, the early stages of the company are like a one man band, you're playing every instrument at once, and every role in the Accountability Chart. But as the company grew, did you hand off those extra instruments? Did you put people in each seat and really let go of the responsibilities?

The chances are, like many others, you have not fully let go of the vine, and Certified EOS Implementer, Sue Hawkes, shares three tools to move every member of your company into one seat in the Accountability Chart.

Being in more than one seat is an uncomfortable and ineffective place to be because no matter how competent you are, you can’t serve both roles 100%. It leaves you and your team overextended and holds the company back while exposing it to greater risk.

Once you've got the structure finalized, capture the Accountability Chart in Ninety and start assigning roles and responsibilities to 'Delegate and Elevate' everyone to their full potential.

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